Reddy, Mrs Farefelle and Tara the Dog 

REDDY has been on my pen for more than twenty years as my signature can find my marks in my passport or driver’s licence. I revamped Reddy to be a real figure as the main character during my staying in Phnom Penh. He’s Deaf or Hearing ? no he is just Reddy. Mrs Farefelle is Khmer breed with the strong connect to the French family in Cambodia with ‘Farefelle’ for a butterfly in the sound of Italian. Mrs Farefelle now with Reddy and Tara, Khmer word for star or sparkling star was rescue from the street of Phnom Penh which seeking dog meat for the hamburgers With the apart from Reddy family that I am cartoonist a politcal one that I want a wake from the public. The Deaf press or magazine hardly ever dark hardly available in the newsagents.