Cartoon of the Day : Mrs Farefelle’s freedom words to you 

Not of the wars or corruptions but of the words among the world’s hot spots leaders who will pull the string ?

Vespa in life drawing

Primavera, a polished cherry red with the mirrors all in sparkling silver was draw into the studio by the owner who is the male poser into the ground zero for a twenty minutes session. The helmet free poser seated into the saddle could like a cowboy ready for the show. I soaked two bamboo brushes into ink and the hairs in full of tar like black that I have to decide to abandon a single line depth outlining of the human. I want that my paper into alive with the motion of ‘speeding Vespa’ by the riotous of the depths. After the session the Vespa with ‘owner’ come out, one of my best ink for awhile. I could to continue with the huge amount of line mess with the inks.IMG_3160

Ink awash on papers

My spectacles which survived Cambodia’s tropic weather against harsh sun or downpour   and my eyes ritually preferred this spectacles for years until it disappeared from the bluestone paving street near my towering castle. Forced to borrow a fashionable spectacles non progressive lens oh fucking happen! The headaches re born slight almost at my forehead the reason my eyes don’t trust my temporary specs. Struggling to manage my emotional to be balance but survive through the ink awashing session at the life drawing. The model is female stains with the messy description of green inks on her body located in her both thighs. I am alway draw a plain tone models who have tattoos only draw of jewellery found among earlobes or fingers or wrist.


After V.P. Pence called at the Sydney Opera House under the breeze of Autumn and the fallen leaves crashes on the bitumens ,the Cold War reborn after a long lull. Could we sing a new version ‘father of the bombs is coming father of the bombs is coming…..said Strangelove

5x80secs,2x320secs,2x15mins and the last one is ticking to the noon.

Just back to my towering castle, from Footscray where the Art Room located. I record the event and the digitals and ‘ink pixels’ stained on this page. Bamboo brush soaking in the blackness liquid and brush ink pens with it’s wombs of the black ink I don’t know either black or white as the colour I don’t recall that the figure who is a ginger hair poser  messed with black ink( on paper) because she is a ginger.