Sharp Shoulder Man 

Gum trees into rattling powered by the wind in the power of almost 60knots.Inside of the drawing studio In the hamlet of Footscray I just produced a twenty minutes of a male poser stain in the ink first very light with the watering sepia outline the muscles then the black filled on sepia’ lines what if the black boat skiing along sepia coloured Murray river , I blessed the drawing with the title of ‘ Sharp Shoulder Man ‘ as the boat turn sharp in river’s bend.

My remarkable sixty minutes in the inks

The Concentrated Artist ink which spent it’s exile in my ‘trade worker’ case down to the bottom of the case until I rescued the beautiful dark copper/black ink almost stain as a black on the paper.

Today was my best morning that I arrived at the Art Room very early at my rare, the reason is that I accepted the potential redundancy from non profit community triggered on last Thursday by the well-crafted letter delivery in person. I was thrilled to read the letter for sure that my nervous pumping radiant into my brain that I could to be almost to emigrant into the Art more deeper than glued my brain on the office chair and sniffing out the ‘toxic’ warm air powered by the angry computer’s heatings. The  DHS fund ‘company’ is run into the world of kaleidoscope with portals ,rubber stamped by the gigantic NDIS.

After the redundancy brief fall on Friday that I can’t wait go to Art Room next day that is the reason arrive at the studio so early with beautiful and purified mind.

Highlight of the life drawing is a one hour session wow! my rare one hour drawing of the poser.

Splashed,soaked,stained,wetted kept the bamboo brushes drowns into the three jars in blue, ‘black’ and dilutes ‘black’ with water. I am almost worn out after one hour session like come out from the exercise bike after an hour on pedalling.

sixty minutes !

Madames’s blue

I could say ‘Good Morning‘ to you in Auslan direct from Footscray after my Fiat’s wheels brushing away  Autumn’s yellow brown with light coated of plum purple, from  tar  soaking streets, leaves into the flight as Monarch madame butterflies went freak of vibration of Fiat’s Michelins. The Madames return to their pollen nests safe without any scratch. Checked in my case for black ink and oh fucking!I left it in my towering castle. The artist’s case treated as the artist’s first aid,there were blue,sepia and violet in the case.I messed with blue ink for drawing of female poser to be a veteran of yoga with her thousands years skill in her blood.Blue effected me like the computerised stained DNA coloured Blue on the paper that bamboo brush kick out the pixels transfer it into the ancient flowing of ink with brittles which the data hardly fit in the hairs and control by my natural breeding brain  storing every seconds with thousands years skill borrow from ancient Chin in my data.


Vespa in life drawing

Primavera, a polished cherry red with the mirrors all in sparkling silver was draw into the studio by the owner who is the male poser into the ground zero for a twenty minutes session. The helmet free poser seated into the saddle could like a cowboy ready for the show. I soaked two bamboo brushes into ink and the hairs in full of tar like black that I have to decide to abandon a single line depth outlining of the human. I want that my paper into alive with the motion of ‘speeding Vespa’ by the riotous of the depths. After the session the Vespa with ‘owner’ come out, one of my best ink for awhile. I could to continue with the huge amount of line mess with the inks.IMG_3160