Comic! new experience

On Sunday 15th of April ,just back to my castle in Collingwood , from Homecooked Comic Festival in Northcote Town Hall,basic Auslan  filling the air of the festival where a volunteer with Cerf II of Auslan greeted us in warmly welcome attitude and Auslan’s thank you among stallholders after the service to us. I flashing a five stars in rate in gold of the festival of local publishing comics and graphic novels rich in Australian English ever a kid selling his ‘ Floyd Lazer’ A4 comic I brought it. Unlike a Manga and Marvel style world, at surprise there were the studio that welcome freelance cartoonists use this space to work on their own comic or graphic novel . Yes the festival runs annual and will back in 2019.

The business card titled “Tree Paper Comic” pasted to the fridge by the magnet tighter waiting for  my eyes glance  on this title and my motivation runs hot to contact Tree Paper for workshop on RISO printing unknown to me. The booking is rung.

The tenth day of fifth month, Long reach to Docklands from my hamlet on my foot, beautiful wintry morning moist my skins after booked a 1:1 workshop RISO printing workshop with NDIS funded Auslanpreter at Tree Paper Comic . Newer experience to me of RISO is a two or three colour printing similar to the colour of vintage comic so amazing to learn the operating of the printing,first scan my cartoon to Photoshop then beam to the printing at last press ‘start’. Test with different range of papers.Comic book in English/Auslan in future.

Comic or Graphic novels in Auslan/English hardly available in every sharp corners of bookshops ever nothing happen in online bookshop. I want to secure Auslan/English into comic.

Cartoon of the Day by Selwyn