Madames’s blue

I could say ‘Good Morning‘ to you in Auslan direct from Footscray after my Fiat’s wheels brushing away  Autumn’s yellow brown with light coated of plum purple, from  tar  soaking streets, leaves into the flight as Monarch madame butterflies went freak of vibration of Fiat’s Michelins. The Madames return to their pollen nests safe without any scratch. Checked in my case for black ink and oh fucking!I left it in my towering castle. The artist’s case treated as the artist’s first aid,there were blue,sepia and violet in the case.I messed with blue ink for drawing of female poser to be a veteran of yoga with her thousands years skill in her blood.Blue effected me like the computerised stained DNA coloured Blue on the paper that bamboo brush kick out the pixels transfer it into the ancient flowing of ink with brittles which the data hardly fit in the hairs and control by my natural breeding brain  storing every seconds with thousands years skill borrow from ancient Chin in my data.


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