…..said Strangelove

After V.P. Pence called at the Sydney Opera House under the breeze of Autumn and the fallen leaves crashes on the bitumens ,the Cold War reborn after a long lull. Could we sing a new version ‘father of the bombs is coming father of the bombs is coming…..said Strangelove

5x80secs,2x320secs,2x15mins and the last one is ticking to the noon.

Just back to my towering castle, from Footscray where the Art Room located. I record the event and the digitals and ‘ink pixels’ stained on this page. Bamboo brush soaking in the blackness liquid and brush ink pens with it’s wombs of the black ink I don’t know either black or white as the colour I don’t recall that the figure who is a ginger hair poser  messed with black ink( on paper) because she is a ginger.

Artist Statement : On Film

On Film

As new-born filmmaker, where the sign languages influence films hardly find in my span world apart my seeing with closed or open caption films in my half life.I am committed relationship with the freshly process of filming to make an honest film that could be genuine trust between filmmaker and sign language produce film/s. I see myself in an equal relationship with to be sign language film/s. I want the storyboard/screenscript draw by Auslan’s hands,the cinematographer with Auslan eyes ,actors all in Auslan and a film in full Auslan a genuine era.

Auslan in  drama, action,animation,romantic ever horror and more.