Saturdays with life models

 On Saturdays , I drive my Fait 500 , the yellow to Footscray along Dyson Road then into the side of Footscray where the wharves is. Sunk into  the Art Room with ink or black pastels for a two hours session first at 5 x 2mins, 2×5 mins, 2x 15 mins and the rest could be a 20 minutes until at the noon.

Australia Post Art Award 2017

As a part of Midsumma Festival , I was selected from the hundreds entrants for the twenty finalists of the inaugural nation wide Australia Post Art Award in any medium and I presented my art work titled ‘H.O.L.M.E Gay’the black ink drawing on cotton papers. The theme for the art prize was ‘New world’ encouraging submissions that visualise,examine or offer a new world for LGBTIQ communities.

‘H.O.L.M.E Gay’ has a story to tell everyone that I has the ink washing with thick brush to shaped out of the handshape known as the flick hand on high quality cotton paper which is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp. I transferred the flick hand into more than thirty papers to give the ink soaking brush to sink the brush head with the variety range of depth lines on the papers to express of coming out to announce that i am gay into new world

I adopted the twelve of a 32 ink drawings divided into a three wooden frames with four drawings each.

The ink drawing of H.O.L.M.E. Gay was exhibited at Fort Delta gallery where more than a hundred guests attended the opening night and the artists spoke along with two Auslan interpreters.

Before spoke to the public and I made an acknowledgment speech talking about Father of Sign Language F J Rose  to our community.

Midsumma Festival’s Australia Post Art Award, Fort Delta Gallery 15 January – 05 February  2017 Melbourne Victoria Australia.