The NGO have return the money back to UN after the audit whether belong to NGO or UN ever somewhere in the Health castle is inappropriate, the staff with knowledge of the art of accounting sparkling their teeth so neon bright and higher their eyebrows to level same as to Hun Sen’s eyebrows that the money in millions head for Cambodia with the stock of beautifully design fine net like a bridal’s net,the mozzies net. The world pours their hearts to donate their coins for the nets, to towering the nets over the sleeping infants in the villages to save their mother and father’s hard labor for the dollars for the visit to the doctor in long distance where the malaria infests the infants bloods and only the answer that the Culicidae unable to detect healthy skin for their drills into the tissues, is the simple mozzies net. With the mind of Dickensian staff in heavy fortified Department, flicked down the treasured pages the online banking for false accounts in quick. Official top hatted people from healthy democracy nation ring the gate bells at the castle for the appointment to see accounting people which hardly find their names in birth certificates. The commission was inked as secure for $450,000 to processing of the mozzies net into the market. The family of Culicidae is successful their aims by draw their blood,direct straight into their stomach,the accountants proud of their kids to attend International school where English is the top or into the Hummer doesn’t fit into the narrow lanes of Phnom Penh and the kneel mothers pumping their energy to fan the sleeping infants on moon less nights. Mr Hun Sen is smoking quietly. The nets tangling together in the warehouse.



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