By the reading of the local newspaper is owned by the English man based on PP, Police corruption is certainly no top secret in the Kingdom, blue color shirt traffic policemen who proud wearing Rolex on their wrists. The traffic policemen with their salaries of average fifty American dollars per month. The roads in PP are buzzing with tuk tuks, bikes, scooters, monstrous look cars with washing and polishing the tar black cars daily. The men with white batons or walkie talkies prefer to shelter in the to be profitable spots where they can easily halt the drivers rather than they enforce the law ever the pillion  passengers must wear the poor quality helmets easily available in the markets or dangerous crossings where they could have a positive impact on road safely. I witnessed the spectacle event at the intersection where the traffic lights sparkling it’s the color red, green, red, green until the blackout fused the lights. Black Toyota could be stopped at an intersection , it slips out of the red light zone wow! The Toyota got the  nasty surprise  that is aging scooter slide along Toyota’s side, poor girl knocks off from her mother’s arm and laid on tar dazed without any injury. The scooter driver shouted to his girl back to her mother’s arm. The girl climbs into the Mother’s nest. The scooter and Toyota vanished into the jam awhile at the corners the men check their time on their Rolex and plain paper receipts laid as worthless currency on the scrap Mahogany wooden desk that the authorised person who hear the complaints over the traffic fines and they could prefer on the cabon-paper receipts for any evidence. Bad karma ?


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