General store Riding the bike along the streets of Boeung Kang Keng , not far from  Phnom Penh’s land mark, the Independence Moument which the workers wrapped their faces with chequered karama scaves tightly to ward off the harshly sun and they decorated the moument with the hundred tins of tan colored paints as the paints baked quickly.At the last minutes the moument bombed with national flags and the riot of creamy coloured lotus flowers in the huge pots that more than four workers could carry the bunches of flowers out of the lorry. The monument welcomed the guests from ASEAN who just passed the landmark in seconds. Citizens of Phnom Penh seeking their own enconmics in the streets. There are

Mobile phone seller with the leased booth,

Sea shells seller with wooden hand push trolley,

Feather dusters seller, riding in custom built bike,

Weight-seller with scale sell for  two hundreds riels

Ice block seller with ice blocks in hussien sacks

Waffle seller all in family of three to sell coconut- taste waffles

Bike repairer locate outside the constructing of ten stories apartment.

Air presser await for next customer with flat tyre

Repairer who recoat the car interior parts

Using residence places into cafe or general store ever silk screening business

At last there were only one post office in Phnom Penh.


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