The motorised scooters and tuk tuks swarming the road without any sight of a traffic policeman and this road christened as Norodon after the king of Cambodia which his reign ends years ago replace by his son. I pointed my index finger to banana pancakes and hazelnut coffee on the menu in the corner cafe which the green planted waist high hedge bordering between cafe and footpath littering with the parking scooters and stalls which selling the yesterday and today papers.The air is renew with the morning rain ceased only few minutes ago.I read the Phnom Penh Post with the front page announced that former Khmer Rouge social action minister named Leng was unfit to stand trail.My eyes spied over the hedges to observe the beautifully rich orange very delight taste same as the orange tree with fruit blossom,being their ritually walking along the street out of the gigantic stone carved gate.One of the shaved head monks slowly paced toward to the cafe then paused until the owner dropped the reils into the monk’s ceramic ‘ lucky tip’ vase to bless the cafe in whispering Khmer.
Bamboo …Bamboo! the bamboo framed bike ! my eyes wildly opened on the the display of the row of the  bamboo bikes in one of the many NGO operating shops lazily located behind the pale pink and canary yellow Royal Palace.I tested the bike, is very solid as a metal framed and lighter than a racing bike. I have wait until my wallet filling thicker with  American dollars.


Wat Lanka, street 278 ,Phnom Penh

where the monks come out every mornings.


One of two Lions, Wat Lanka Phnom Penh


Towering wats overlooking Street 278


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